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The national team of Russia (1998-2006)

The national team of Russia

55 appearances, 9 seasons: 1998-2006

“It makes no difference to me where I play in the national team. The most important is benefit. I´m not cunning. All players are united by one task in the team and when a trainer sees you on this position, you shouldn´t grumble but better do your best. I think I have played well as a stopper and also as a fullback. It oppresses me not at all. You can create on any position”.

Debute match

14 October 1998. Euro 2004 qualifying

Iceland – Russia 1:0

The Russia national team captain

Since 21 th August 2002.  A friendly match. Russia – Sweden 1:1

Final match

7 October 2006.  Euro 2008 qualifying. Russia –Israel 1:1


Russian Footballer of the Year (2002, 2003)

the best match

5 June 1999. Euro 2008 qualifying. Russia – France 3:2

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