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The history of the Smertin´s football school

The history of the Smertin´s football school


The presentation of the Alexey Smertin´s football school took place in Barnaul, hometown of ex-captain of the Russian football national team. It has breathed new life in Altai krai since 2006.

But firstly the Fund National Football Academy by convention with Alexey Smertin financed building of two football fields of the last generation in the city. One of them is used faithful to the Smertin´s school boys to this day and the other was given to Dinamo. The school is equipped red and blue stands, artificial lighting, comfortable changing rooms besides synthetic lawn of the last generation (this covering is better as in Luzhniki).

It would be planned to draw boys attention to football pastime and also to open branches around Altai krai to the end of 2006 – a bold plan. The midfielder of Charlton FC (in that time) visited the school as soon as possible. There remained one thing to cap for such regularly visits. On his official website Smertin commented a school appearance: ”It is time to pay debts”.

We have a field, now need a home

And on 16 November 2007 a grand opening of football school office building went through. Smertin´s friends came to share a realized dream with Barnaul famous footballer too. There was Dmitry Loskov, Sergey Semak, Andrey Karyaka, Viktor Zinchuk and also a trainer of Dinamo Moscow and Alexey´s brother Evgeny Smertin.

Children saw stars with open mouths. Their idols came to open this building; its empty windows have been looking interrogatively at the field for a long time. And to take down this structure didn´t befit and there was nobody to repair it. According to the head of Altai krai Alexander Karlin it´s just less two years since making a decision and now it´s sure to say about correctness of this decision.

The Smertin´s football school is the place where 820 boys from the whole of krai get a good shape. Nowadays a stab of the school is in Barnaul and 9 branches are working in rayons (according to 2007).

Vladimir Kolganov, major of Barnaul:

We appreciate our countryman, a famous footballer for that he goes with famous people achieving their goals and so stimulates teenagers to go in for sports. Thank you! And we are always glad to see you in our city.

On this opening ceremony guests saw all changing rooms and received evidence that it´s possible to play football even in winter.

In conclusion Alexey Smertin handed a symbolic key of a new building to director of the sports school Evgeny Tatarintsev. Alexey Smertin said then:

We want to see our advances in the future similar to this key – big and golden. It is our base point – when the school was founded we had nothing besides an open field. There were material changes for two years.

To 2010 fitness studios, rehabilitation center and children developing rooms were opened in school building. In 2007 the budget of Altai krai gave 5,2 million roubles for institution development. Today this number is about 13 million.

In the same 2007 the Smertin´s football school planned to open more two branches. One of them was opened in Smolensky rayon of Altai krai. The head of rayon Alexander Malikov and a deputy of Altai Krai Council Vladimir Leshenko helped this deal.

The branch is situated in the Smolensky on the basis of a local sports school. A local trainer Evgeny Pivovarov engages with boys 1998-99 today. He is enough qualified specialist, graduated from Barnaul State Pedagogical University and has been working in a local sports school. The Smertins´s school undertook to to pay salary the trainer and to provide with sports equipments. There are 13 branches of Football school today.

Study courses

On 18 November 2009 refresher training courses for women teams coaches took place in Omsk. Those courses were timed to matches of final tournament of the Russian Football Championship among women held in that time. Oxana Zhbannikova was invited to this event from Altai krai. She works in the Smertin´s school.

The Smertin´s football school announced an admission of girls born in 1998-2000 for playing football. In spring 2010 our girls made a debut against girls from Kemerovo 0:12. “You’ll soon be right as rain”, said they then.

In December 2009 the school stepped to the West. A director Evgeny Tatarintsev and a head trainer Nikolay Kopylov visited the french Girondines de Bordeaux where Smertin played. They watched training work, learned french methods and of course visited some matches of the League 1. They say frenchmen try to grasp experience of all football power: tactician from Italians, art from Brazilian and something from Russian.

Evgeny Tatarintsev, director of the Smertin´s football school:

Frenchmen offered us to invite our boys for skill sharing. I was in Konoplev’s academy (Togliatti, Russia) and in Bordeaux football Academy. Something looks more expensive by us and more professional by frenchmen. There are 7 fields just for 200 persons around the Academy! We negotiated with Bordeaux children school chief that we’ll do a small step now – our trainers go there to get good experience and to learn methods. Next stage will be a coming of representatives of french team in Barnaul.

On 25 December 2006 the Smertin´s football school (established by ex-captain of Russian national football team) became a laureate of Russian Football Union prize in nomination “The Action of the Year”.

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