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FC Dinamo Barnaul, Russia (1992-1993)

FC Dinamo Barnaul, Russia

43 appearances, 2 goals, 2 seasons: 1992, 1993

“I have always had warm feelings to Dinamo. Once I called on my parents in Barnaul for some days, but I keeped also my shape with a junior team Dinamo at my first trainers Grishko Gennady and Belozersky Valery there. I played even on the city championship. There were a lot of people there and frankly speaking. It was very nice”.

debut match

9 July 1992. Dinamo Barnaul – Metallurg Krasnoyarsk 3:1

final match

31 October 1993. Dinamo Barnaul – Irtish Omsk 1:5

The  best match

18 July 1992.  The home win over Lokomotiv Chita 1:0. In this match Alexey made his first official goal for Dinamo

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