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Chelsea FC, England (2004/05)

Chelsea FC, England

25 appearances, 1 goal, 1 season: 2004/05

„The trainer Jose Mourinho said that he had seen all appearances of the Russia national team and my game impressed him. Then we began to speak about Chelsea. Mourinho´s plans are to create the team of 25 equal players. And at the time at least two football players will pretend to each position. He said also I should choose – to be a first boy on a village or to try to be quite at home in one of the best football clubs.

Debute match

15 August 2004. Chelsea – Manchester United 1:0

Last match

30 April 2005. Premier League

Bolton – Chelsea 0:2


Premier League 2005

The best match

29 September 2004. Champions League. Chelsea – Porto, 3:1.  The first goal of Smertin for Chelsea

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