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Smertin Alexey Gennadyevich

Was born on  May 1, 1975. Aleksey was brought up in the football school Dinamo Barnaul. He began to play football under the guidance of his father Gennady Smertin. The first Alexey´s trainers in Dinamo were  Gennady Grishko and Valery Belozersky.

Alexey Smertin played  for Dinamo Barnaul (1992-1993), Zarya Leninsk-Kuznetski (1994-1997), Uralan Elista (1997-1998), Lokomotiv Moscow (1999-2000).

In summer 2000 he moved on to  French team Girondins (Bordeaux), where played 3 full seasons. In August Smertin moved  to famous English Chelsea, but firstly he played full season for Portsmouth (on loan). In the 2004-05 season he was representing to the team Chelsea.

The  2004-05 season Smertin began in Charlton (London) on loan. On March 10 he signed on with FC Dinamo Moscow for four years.

However, in the Moscow team Alexey Smertin spent only one season. In early 2007 he returned to England and on January 27 signed a deal for Fulham London on a two and a half year .

Smertin made his debute for Russia in 1998 against Iceland. He was invited by the coach Byshovez Anatoly. He was made a captain of the Russian team on August 21, 2004, having received the  captain band from Viktor Onopko. Was selected for the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004. Smertin was capped over 50 times for Russia.


Russia Cup, Uralan (1997), Lokomotiv (1998, 1999)

Russian Footballer of the Year (1999)

Russian Cup, Lokomotiv (2002)

Coupe de la League, Girondins Bordeaux (2002)

Leader of the national team (2002, 2003)

FA Community Shield, Chelsea (2005)

Premier League, Chelsea (2005)

Season Appearances Goals
Dinamo Barnaul, Russia 2 43 2
Zarya Leninsk-Kuznetski, Russia 4 131 13
Uralan Elista, Russia 2 51 3
Lokomotiv Moscow, Russia 2 51 8
Girondins de Bordeaux, France 4 116 3
Portsmouth, England 1 33 0
Chelsea London, England 1 25 1
Charlton London, England 1 22 0
Dinamo Moscow, Russia 1 26 0
Fulham London, England 2 24 2

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