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Hours-long football festival in Barnaul

Posted on May 17, 2011

The political party Edinaya Rossia organizes the 3rd regional Football Tournament within the project It´s Possible To Be a Champion. Competitors of hours-long sports marathon will be teams of schools, parents, students, women and also combined labor teams.

Family football relay race is also included in the program. An ex-captain of our national team Alexey Smertin will  make a master class for young football players and play also a friendly match for the team Edinaya Rossia against the Coca-Cola company.

Alexey Smertin,  former captain of Russian national team:

This festival became a real sports holiday for a very short time. Both children and parents are waiting for it. Young football players come to Barnaul from all parts of Altai region and want only to win. This year we are waiting for a more large-scaled event because a total number of participants increased and the program became more interesting.  Infrastructure of our school is developing and on the 22th of May we are going to open one more field which was built according to program of the Russian Football Union (20×40). Football in Altai region has good perspectives. This year we started the project It´s possible to be a champion and I coordinate it. The third football tournament is only the beginning of the project which has a goal of creating all conditions for our future sportsmen.

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