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Star day. The 3rd ball of Altai sportsmen Young Hopefuls

Posted on February 5, 2011

The event took place in Barnaul show-centre Coliseum in a striking atmosphere. By entrancing guests were met by heroes of animation which said about their coming from other planet. From big banners hanging in a hall idols of all guys watched them. There were Altai stars, international and honored masters of sports (A.Smertin, A.Grechin, I.Nifontov, T.Kotova, S.Khorokhordin, D.Bogushewski).

Barnaul creative groups Larisa, Khoroshki and Kamerton performed before sportsmen and a virtuoso- accordionist Maksim Kirilenko shone  with his compositions.

A special guest of this holiday was Irina Rodnina, a famous Soviet figure skater, a triple Olympic champion, a tenfold World champion and a Russian public figure. Alexey Smertin, founder of the Fund   Young Hopefuls also visited the event.

Roman Domachuk (city of Yarovoe, Altai Region, coach Maksim Dedlovsky) being a winner of a swimming festival Vesyoly Delfin became the best sportsman from the first top of five.

The second group of five consisted of canoeist Nadezhda Konyaeva, footballer of the Smertin´s  school Marina Schulgina, paralympic athlete Sofiya Romashevskaya, Vera Davydenko (judo), boxer from Barnaul Michail Panyuta. Nadezhda Koyaeva was announced a winner. In summer she won the Youth Canoe Sprint Russia Championship (coach Konstantin Pozdeev). Other sportsmen received souvenirs from sponsors (Maria-Ra and Megafon)

Nadezhda Konyaeva, the best young sportsman 2010 of Altai: “ I mastered canoe for this year. It´s very short time.  Star fever? I don´t afraid of it. I have a good head on my shoulders and just don´t want  to puff”.

Every win is impossible without trainers. Today they were not in the shade.

Maksim Dedlovsky –swimming (sportschool Ob)

Anatoly Boltovsky –wrestling (Olympic reserve school)

Boris Antimonov – athletics (Ust-Pristan)

Oksana Zhbannikova (football sports school of Alexey Smertin)

Konstantin Petyashkin –downhill ski

Alexander Pozdeev –canoe

Vladimir Zamyatin –parylimpic athletic

Dmitry Belin –judo

Pavel Schischlov – box (Barnaul club Luch)

They got cups and gifts from companies Altajsky Buket, Maria-Ra, a fund Young Hopefuls and fitness studio Safari. The best child trainer became Oksana Zhbannikova (football)

The Fund Young Hopefuls rewarded else fifteen young sportsmen who were not in an official list of the best sportsmen. Guys got gifts from Evgeny Podgrony, Olympic champion in gymnastics, deputy of   Novosibirsk Region legislative assembly and Olga Surotkina, deputy director of Coca Cola Euroasia in Krasnoyarsk.

Two-hour event ended with active competitions for the youngest and eating a big cake cut by Ivan Niftonov, honored master of sports in judo and Marina Shulgina, one of the best young sportsmen in Altai.

all photos at PICASWEB

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