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Barnaul´s anniversary on 5 grounds from Coca-Cola

Posted on September 6, 2010

On 5 September within the 280th anniversary celebrations of Barnaul a football holiday took place on the Saharov´s square.

The first participants came already by 6.30 o´clock. Children warmed up on grounds, discussed game tactics. 97 teams were registered for the opening parade at 10 o´clock. Group number 2 was the most manifold (teenagers of 10-12). Nine teams took part in the group with children aged under 9 years old on the ground number 1.

Girls played also. And they played equally with boys at that, against them and together. The match Milashka City vs Dinamo was very lively. It seemed that all audience were in sympathy with Milashka City girls. Fans chanted “Katya! Katya! Katya!” At the same time she made a pass to her partner and she tried to score. But boys let understand that girls need to train more and won with a score 5:1.

The boys from the village Ozyorki came to the tournament in organized way and as it turned out it wasn´t useless. In group of 12-13 years old they took the first place and got presents. Audience was looking forward to see Alexey Smertin, Sergey Kormiltsev and Vladimir Beschastnyh on the ground number 5. Famous footballers played a friendly match with winner of the group 5 the team “Selkhoz” (over 17 years оld). All day long tournament participants und guests were given gratis water, granted by the company Coca-Cola.

The first group under 9 years old

1st place –Lyube

2nd place – Real

3rd place – Barсelona

The second group of 10-12 years old

1st place – Sneakers

2nd place – Center

3rd place – Dinamo

The third group of 13-14 years

1st place –Dinamo

2nd place – Anakonda

3rd place – Ozyorki-2

The fourth group of 15-16 years old

1st place –Manchester

2nd place – Yuzhny

3rd place – Rubin

The fifth group of 17 years old and over

1st place –Selhoz

2nd place – Dream-team

3rd place – Vityaz-2

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